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About The FlyboardThe Flyboard is an extreme water sports accessory to your Personal Watercraft (PWC).  Like any other water sports accessory you will need to ensure you have proper instruction and safety gear before attempting to use the Flyboard.  The equipment is simple and easy to use once you have learned the basic techniques for flying.

The Flyboard package consists of an adapter plate (specific to your PWC model), thrust diversion adapter, hose, Flyboard jet manifold, the base board, flotation modules, wakeboard style bindings/boots, hoses and arm thrust extensions.

Proper TrainingLearning to operate the Flyboard is much easier than you might think.  Many people ask us how hard is it to fly?  When given proper instruction, one can navigate and almost anyone will start flying the Flyboard during their first 5 minutes in the water. 

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"Awesome. The FlyBoard was a hit at our company picnic! Thanks AZFlyBoard."

John Dusek,

"Our rental business was up and running in no time!"


"Best fun the family has had on the lake since we got our PWC, Well worth the investment Thank you so much."

Dan Simpleton


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So what is a FlyBoard?

The FlyBoard is an accessory that attaches to the jet discharge of a Personal Watercraft (PWC). The PWC is the “engine” that propels the FlyBoard through the air and water using the thrust created by the PWC.


How long does it take to learn how to fly?

The average person will be flying in 2 to 5 minutes and learn the basic maneuvers within 20 minutes.


Does it take a lot of strength to fly on the FlyBoard?

Not even Batman! All it takes is basic hand and feet coordination so if you can stand up and walk, the odds are you can FlyBoard! You don’t have to be an Iron-man to fly like one.


How does it work?

Specially designed water nozzles located below the unit provide the lift using the water flow from the PWC. The FlyBoard Pilot becomes the propulsion unit while the PWC is the engine that drives it.


Is there a weight or size limit to use the FlyBoard?

We can successfully fly anyone up to 350 pounds. There is no height limit and our standard equipment will accommodate anyone with a shoe size between 6 and 13. Over 350 pounds or larger than a size 13 shoe, please call for special arrangements.


Will I be able to float in the water when on the FlyBoard?

Absolutely! Although the FlyBoard weighs about 65 pounds on dry land, it’s built-in buoyancy makes it virtually weightless in the water. Your Certified FlyBoard Instructor will teach you the proper techniques for maneuvering in the water.


Will the FlyBoard push you underwater if you fall?

No. Our Certified FlyBoard Instructors are trained to observe safety and release the thrust as soon as the flyer enters the water. You will float to the surface in less than 2 seconds.


How high will I fly on my first flight?

Our beginning pilots will learn to do most basic maneuvers at approximately 5 feet above the water. Although this may not sound like it’s very high, the average person will be almost 11 feet above the water at eye level.


What should I wear?

You should come prepared to go swimming. We will outfit you with a Wetsuit for your flight so wear a comfortable swimming suit.


What should I bring with me?

A dry change of clothes is suggested but not required, a towel and a valid form of identification.


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